Best compact binoculars 2021: Making the most of pocket-sized binos

Even astronomers can benefit from having a pair of the best compact binoculars in their stargazing equipment. Yes, it’s true that bigger telescopes and binoculars are better for astronomy, but small instruments have something that big ones don’t: portability. 

A decent pair of compact binoculars is a worthwhile addition to any astronomy tool kit, for the simple reason that they can be slipped into a pocket or glovebox and practically forgotten about until they are wanted. You’ll see far more objects of interest in the heavens with these relatively low-powered tools then you ever will with no tools at all. Additionally, you don’t have to spend a great deal to put a pair of compact binoculars in your kit collection. Reasonable compact binoculars can be found for as little as $20, although, as ever, good quality models will cost more. 

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