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Remove DRM protection from Kindle AZW files, and enjoy your favorite books on other devices by using this straightforward application

Kindle DRM Removal, as its name suggests, is a simple application that will aid Kindle AZW file owners to liberate these specific files of DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection. Why would this be useful? Simply because once any form of protection is removed, the file can easily be converted to other, more popular, and compatible formats, be those PDF, EPUB, or TXT. The application itself is as straightforward as you’d probably expect from reading its name.

Functional but not basic

Although it is clear from the start that the app was not created with bells and whistles in mind, the fact that its interface is somewhat modern, neat, and with decent, highly visible icons is a great surprise. You probably won’t require any tutorials, since the app makes it clear what steps you should take to obtain a DRM-free file. The first thing one should do is add one or more files to have processed. Once those are in place, you can either remove the protection for all or choose which ones you’d like to have processed.

Other config options

Although you won’t have much to adjust in terms of settings and options, one does have to set an output folder for all the files that are going to be processed. You can also open the output folder to make sure the path is indeed the right one. Other options include having all added items sorted by a moment of addition to the program and a log that can detail how the process went, and explain what went wrong in case of any issues.

Kindle DRM Removal won’t surprise you with its innovative features. It will only help users who own AZW files for use with Amazon Kindle products, those who’d like to have these files compatible with other media devices they own. Beyond these functions, there really isn’t much this app can do for you.

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