SAP VP Martin Lang touts Apple, M1 Macs and the mobile enterprise

Apple recently told us that SAP has now deployed tens of thousands of Macs across its business, so I caught up with SAP Vice President for Product Engineering Mobile Experience Martin Lang to talk about Apple in the enterprise, the move to hybrid work and the need for employee choice.

A quarter of SAP employees now use Macs

Lang, who I’ve spoken with before, said SAP now supports 30,000 Macs — 3,500 of which run Apple Silicon. It began offering Macs as an option in 2008 and has seen demand for the machines increase ever since.

Today, the company offers employee choice to every new employee, as SAP Germany’s head of HR tweets here. “It really is an imperative for us to attract the brightest and most creative talent and give them the tools they need to be their best,” said Lang. “Many of our developers ask for Mac specifically and feel more productive with it.”

SAP’s Macs sit within a fleet that also includes around 100,000 Windows clients, 70,000 iPhones, 17,500 iPads and “about” 7,000 Android phones. He noted these include SAP-managed laptops provided to contractors. “Within the SAP employee base, the Mac ratio is currently at around 25%,” he said.

Employee onboarding is easy

The SAP exec confirmed reports that new employees are more likely to choose an Apple computer: “For new hires, the Mac ratio is currently higher than the overall average, so often new hires ask to get a Mac to be productive with.”

He explained how his company onboards new employees. SAP offers an easy Mac setup experience, supported by Apple Business Manager and Jamf as an MDM. That means that when an employee needs to enroll a Mac, all they need to do is enter their SAP credentials once and the system is set up, populated with services, apps, and relevant access credentials.

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