Vacuum pickup tool offers clean operation

Nitto Kohki’s Linicon LV-125A standalone vacuum pump features an oil-less design that enables its use in clean-room assembly operations. It offers attainable vacuum of -33.3 kPa (-250 mmHg) for pick-and-place applications and, according to the manufacturer, is particularly useful when house air is not available.

Outfitted with a vacuum pen assembly, the LV-125A allows meticulous handling of small electronic devices. It is suitable for assembling precision parts or transferring spherical objects, parts with uneven surfaces, and micro parts such as those in watches.

The LV-125A is an AC linear free piston vacuum pump. This design eliminates the rotational-to-translational power transmission found in conventional motor-driven pumps. The LV-125A combines the motor and pump into a single unified component with only one moving part—the piston. Advantages of the unit’s linear piston design include lower power consumption, cleaner operation, and reduced noise levels.

Operating from a 115-VAC or 230-VAC supply, the LV-125A consumes 14 W or 15 W, respectively. Its low-noise profile of <40 dB results in a quieter workplace. Compact and lightweight, the vacuum pump is 135×91×146 mm and weighs 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs).

LV-125A datasheet

Nitto Kohki

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