Best zoom lenses | Space

Do you even need one of the best zoom lenses for night sky images? It would be easy to assume that all good astronomical photography is made with very wide angle lenses, with telephoto zooms better for nature and sports. Wides are certainly a great place to start – these lenses allow you to shoot broader vistas, often at larger apertures too, and there are some amazing options out there. Our guide to the best lenses for astrophotography is filled with these types of lenses – but you discount the value of a good telephoto zoom lens at your peril. 

For one thing, those gorgeous shots you see every blood moon are often the results of long (sometimes ultra-long) telephoto zoom lenses, allowing photographers to capture so many craggy craters of our nearest celestial neighbor. And these types of lenses have multiple uses, so having one in your kit bag will open up lots of other possibilities for other types of photography, too.

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