Corel Painter shows the big picture for Apple Silicon performance

Corel Painter, one of the world’s leading creative applications, runs twice as fast on M1 Macs as on Intel-based machines, which hints at even better performance on the latest M1 Max and M1 Pro MacBook Pros.

Painter’s big Mac picture

That’s according to Corel, which told me today that introducing a fully Apple Silicon-native version of Painter 2022 unlocked “significant” performance gains. These are particularly noteworthy when you consider what the application does – since the early ‘90s it has striven to be the digital equivalent of artistic tools; it’s already in most digital creatives’ tool bags.

Corel said artists upgrading to Painter 2022 on M-series Macs will see “significant brush engine performance improvements, and we’re excited about what these boosts will mean for artists who work and live by deadlines.”

Corel, which tested its software on an entry-level 2020 MacBook Pro with an M1 chip and an Intel-based 2019 MacBook Pro, highlighted two key metrics:

  • Users can expect overall brush engine performance that is up to 4.7x faster on Macs with M1 chips compared to running on the same Mac using Rosetta 2.
  • Users can also expect the software to run twice as fast when compared to Intel-based Macs.

That’s significant, but potentially much more so for digital creatives considering an investment in an all-new MacBook Pro. Apple has told us what to expect from those machines, which are equipped with M1 Pro and M1 Max processors.

With a 30-year history on Mac, Painter is one of those unique applications to have gone through three major processor transitions with Apple. It was on the original AIM Alliance Macs, made it to the Intel Macs, and now it’s running on M-series Macs. That shared story means you can consider it a barometer for Mac performance.

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