Oracle bolsters cloud infrastructure with suite of AI tools

Oracle has updated its cloud infrastructure service (OCI) to include a new suite of artificial intelligence services with six new tools that aim to make it easier and faster for developers and data scientists to apply AI, including machine learning techniques, to different enterprise scenarios. 

The new suite of AI services on OCI, Oracle’s public cloud platform used to develop and run big data applications, is available now.  It will compete with Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) SageMaker platform and Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning Studio, which is designed for use by enterprise developers who may not have in-depth expertise or knowledge of data science.

Despite playing catchup with the new OCI services, Oracle’s strategy seems logical, according to Constellation Research VP and Principal Analyst Holger Mueller. “Enterprises that are already on Oracle databases stand to benefit from the new services. It also means that Oracle has managed to keep Oracle’s database load in house on Oracle and has shown that OCI runs the Oracle database best,” Mueller said.

The new services enable developers to avoid worrying about installing, updating and managing AI platforms, allowing them to focus on programming, Mueller noted.

AI to accelerate deployment

The new set of AI services are expected to reduce the time taken to manage data and the time taken to build and deploy applications, said Greg Pavlik, chief technology officer at Oracle Cloud. The time taken to respond to varied scenarios by enterprises could be the difference for their survival in “volatile and uncertain times,” Pavlik said.

The new tools include AI-based language, speech, vision, anomaly detection, data labelling and forecasting services. The new OCI Language service is designed to  allow developers to perform text analysis at large scale. The service can understand unstructured text in documents, customer feedback interactions, support tickets and social media, Pavlik said. The service also comes with pretrained models that allow developers to deploy them out-of-the-box and gain insights in the form of sentiment analytics, phrase detection and entity recognition, among other capabilities.

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