sureCore-led Consortium Wins £6.5M Innovate UK Grant to Develop Cryogenic CMOS IP

Innovate UK has awarded a grant of £6.5 million to a seven-member consortium led by sureCore with a remit to jointly develop advanced cryogenic semiconductor IP. This will dramatically accelerate the growth of the quantum computing (QC) industry by reducing the constrains associated with interconnects thus enabling efficient qubit/system scaling. The architecture of quantum computers combined with specialist algorithms have the power to transform computing efficiency to address problems in disciplines spanning fundamental science, pharmaceuticals, finance, logistics and AI.

Most leading QC platforms utilize qubits or components that operate at cryogenic temperatures. The key challenge for these platforms is the lack of availability of suitable control circuitry capable of operating at the cryogenic temperatures needed to manage qubits operation. Currently the control circuitry is located remotely from the qubits and connected by expensive and bulky cabling in order to avoid the temperature extremes needed by the qubits. The amount of cabling required for all the qubits presents a fundamental barrier to QC scaling aside from the inherent latency impact. 

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