From zero to hero? Hexnode’s CEO on Apple in the enterprise

Hexnode, a cross-platform unified endpoint management firm, is recognized by both Forrester and Gartner as an enterprise mobility solutions provider that since 2013 has worked with business clients to lock things down. I recently spent a little virtual time with Hexnode CEO Apu Pavithran to talk Apple in the enterprise and the future of work.

Pavithran recounted how much change enterprise IT has seen in the past decade, and where things may be going now with Apple as more of enterprise player.

A decade of change

Think back to 2010Mobile hardware in the workplace was heavy on BlackBerry, ThinkPads, and a smattering of mobile devices. Apple’s iPhone was certainly the consumer smartphone of choice, but the BYOD wave hadn’t yet hit business.

As consumers quickly embraced smartphones in their day-to-day life, they also began insisting on using them at work. “This movement paved way for Apple’s enterprise evolution,” said Pavithran.

Since then, Apple has paid increasing attention to the needs of enterprise IT. Apple Push Notification Services, Apple VP, Apple Business Manager, the Fleetsmith acquisition, and critical partnerships with the likes of SAP, IBM, Jamf, Deloitte, and Cisco.

Those efforts have paid off. “Previously trying to manage applications, titles, device settings, program licensing, and federated AD logins were nightmares for the IT department. The introduction of these services, and especially the Apple business manager (ABM), made things easier for IT admins,” said Pavithran.

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