LM and Verizon to Advance 5G Innovation for US DoD

Verizon and Lockheed Martin have signed an agreement to collaborate on 5G.MIL™ technologies that will provide ultra-secure, reliable connections for U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) systems, bringing together high-tech platforms into a cohesive network spanning air, land, sea, space and cyber domains. The strategic relationship agreement also establishes a joint research and development lab framework to prototype, demonstrate and test 5G.MIL technologies.

“Verizon is at the cutting edge when it comes to building out reliable, high performance 5G ultra-wideband networks with mobile edge computing capabilities,” said Kyle Malady, chief technology officer at Verizon. “Our work with Lockheed Martin will help enable the creation of new and innovative products and technologies, helping DoD leaders achieve the goals laid out in their 5G strategy.”

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