Download COM Name Arbiter Tool 1.0.5

Use this particular program to set straight the usage of COM ports, eliminating obsolete entries that no longer have any usage and could potentially cause issues

COM Name Arbiter Tool is quite a long and sophisticated name for a very useful and simple-in-principle idea. Up to Windows 10 version 1903, every device you connected to your PC had a COM port assigned that would never be relieved of its duty even if the connected device itself would have been removed and declared obsolete. This led to many discrepancies in the assignment of port numbers and ultimately led to conflicts and functionality errors.

The point of this app

Thus, COM Name Arbiter Tool is one particular way of solving things for those who have not or won’t reach Windows 10 version 1903. This app will list all the registered COM ports and at the user’s input delete the ones that have no device registered to them in real-time. It can also clear reserved ports that are not being used anymore. What this app does is basically clean and tidy up your COM ports to the extent that conflicts will become a rare or totally non-existent issue.

A portable utility and aid

Now, if you’re glad you found out about this particular program and are eager to share your findings with your friend, you’ll be happy to know that you’re able to show them yourself the magic this app performs, simply because it is portable and can be carried on a stick. You can offer aid to your peers and family in seconds. It could even become part of a regular maintenance ritual. No Windows OS is safe up to version 1903 of Win10.

COM Name Arbiter Tool, despite its long and descriptive name, is an application that keeps things simple, being a straightforward solution to solving potential COM-port issues or conflicts that might arise on account of assignment errors. If your computer is struggling with this particular aspect, there’s no reason not to employ the help of this particular app.

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