Download Zoom Page WE for Firefox 19.3

Easily zoom in or out on page using two buttons in status bar, and lessen the strain on your eyes when reading online by increasing or decreasing the size of the text

What’s new in Zoom Page WE for Firefox 19.3:

  • Fix: page was blank because page removed ‘zoompage-initialize-style’ element. Fixed.

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If you’re having a hard time actually seeing text while browsing, and it has become somewhat of a hassle for you to deal with any written side of the internet, then it’s either time to buy a pair of glasses, assuming you don’t already have one, or it’s the right moment to give Zoom Page WE extension for Firefox a try. It’s your choice, but you should know that the latter has some extra features as well, and it’s totally free.

What does Zoom Page WE aim to do?

This extension deals with the zoom level of your webpage. It can deal with the text displayed online separately, but only if you ask it to. Generally speaking, this add-on wants to help users gain more control over how zoomed-in their webpages are.

It’s useful if you have trouble browsing at the usual zoom percentage or if the controls on your browser are limiting. Zoom Page WE does not have a lot of buttons, controls, and menus. It’s by all means simple. It’s aimed at the general public, so while the functionality added is important, the features remain few and accessible.

Using Zoom Page We is as easy as can be

After adding the extension to your repository, there is not much you have to do. Access its simple menu by clicking on the button situated right next to the browser address bar. It’s simple and quick. From the small menu, you’ve got only a few choices. You can decide, most importantly, if you’d like to zoom in on the whole page or if you prefer the text enlarged and the rest as you’d normally have it. The rest of the controls deal with raising or lowering the percentage.

Zoom Page WE is a simple add-on that manages to give more freedom to the user in what concerns zooming one’s browsed web pages. It’s simple and intuitive, and this makes it approachable to most individuals. You don’t have to be a computer whiz to enjoy the full functionality of Zoom Page WE.

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