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A personal project manager that will not only help you organize future projects but potentially your whole life, all with just a couple of clicks

Even if the name might lead you to think something else, even if it was designed with project management and organization in mind, Stacks is an application we should all think about using. This simple organizer is and probably will be a good starting point for anyone looking to bring a little more order into their life. Simplistic looking, yet stylish and fully functional, Stacks is one possible option for people with simply too many tasks to handle on their own.

To do, doing, done

While it might sound like a word variation, it is, in fact, the system upon which this application seems to function. You’ll have to deal with the information for three particular columns, each dealing with stuff you’ve planned to do, are currently dealing with, or have already completed. In this way, you’ll have a clear understanding of what you’ve managed to achieve and what is still situated on the waiting list.

Colored tagging FTW

To allow further arrangement of tasks the one can make use of the colored tagging system, which basically associates a colored tag with a specific group of tasks, all united by common elements. For example, you can group all cleaning activities under a blue tag, and all work assignments under red or green. Thus, you won’t have to waste time going through all the items in the system to know what particular actions you’ve undergone during that particular day. You can also add further categories or simply delete them and create another efficient system.

Stacks is a simple and very user-friendly application that will benefit both individuals trying to integrate their workflow into a system of separated smaller tasks and general users by offering a way to better organize one’s life similar to the way you would deal with more complex projects on the roll. Regardless of the reason you’ll be using Stacks, there’s a good chance of it being able to live up to your expectations.

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