Best Black Friday TV mount deals — top sales right now

Thinking about the best Black Friday deals might conjure up thoughts of discounted big screen TVs and other major products, but some of the biggest savings can be found on smaller TV accessories. TV mounts offer a simple way to upgrade your entire TV setup, and Black Friday is bringing deals on the best TV mounts you can get.

If you’re already checking out the best Black Friday TV deals, or best Black Friday OLED TV deals, be sure to think about how you want to set up that new big screen TV. Whether you want a simple wall bracket or an articulated arm that lets you adjust the TV position freely, there are a ton of TV mounts on sale now, often for less than $100. And even more premium wall mounts are getting huge discounts. Savings of 50% or more can be found in our list of deals below.

We not only have our own favorites on the best TV mounts, we can walk you through  How to mount a TV to the wall in 8 easy steps for a quick and easy installation.

We’ve been hunting for the best TV mount bargains, and are sharing the best deals below.

Black Friday TV mount deals

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