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Learn to speed read while browsing the web, using the Rapid Serial Visual Presentation technique, with this nifty Chrome extension

Most readers are limited by the fact that they “listen” to their inner voice sounding each world while going through a text, making it impossible to increase reading speed past a certain point.

SwiftRead is a Google Chrome extension that can help you read faster while browsing the web. It uses the Rapid Serial Visual Presentation technique to display words in quick succession, a proven method of improving reading speed.

Learn speed reading using the RSVP technique

This extension works by displaying words in quick succession, and you can customize the speed, as well as the number of words that are displayed at a time. Since they are all shown in the same location, you can read a text much more quickly without sacrificing comprehension.

You will probably find it difficult to get used to this technique at first, but you can just set the WPM value a bit lower until you get accustomed to this new way of reading.

Offers multiple text selection modes and features a customizable UI

SwiftRead can detect relevant text on web pages automatically, but you also have the option of selecting the text blocks you wish to go through manually. Moreover, text from other sources can be entered and read using this extension.

Handy key combinations can be used to extract text from a web page and begin a reading session, or you can just use the notification that is displayed in the bottom-right corner of the Chrome window.

The main interface comes with several optional color themes, so you don’t need to get used to the default dark background if it is not to your liking.

Great extension for those who wish to read faster while browsing the web

On the whole, SwiftRead is a suitable addition to Chrome if you find yourself spending too much time reading on the web. The extension is remarkably easy to use, and it can save you a lot of time in the long run.

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