Why the outdated technology in the Alien series makes sense

The Alien series is one of the most influential sci-fi horror movie franchises in the history of cinema. Since it started in the 1970s, there have been countless movies, games, and other forms of media set in the Aliens universe – movie buffs will definitely want to check out our list of Alien movies ranked, worst to best. We’ve been taken from a claustrophobic film set in basically a single spacecraft to a grandiose space/horror epic with characters who don’t know how to run diagonally.

Having started over 40 years ago, some of the technology depicted in the original trilogy has ended up with something of a retro-futurist aesthetic in the eyes of many. After all, the original came out in 1979, and they used technology that would have made sense at the time. However, many fans argue that it just doesn’t make sense for a spacecraft to be using clunky keyboards and analogue tape storage so far into the future, especially when the ship in 2012’s Prometheus was so advanced. 

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