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Try a self-hosted, open-source application, an alternative to Trello, Notion, or Asana, that helps you track, manage, and organize your work or an entire team’s workflow

What’s new in Focalboard 0.10.0 Pre-release:

  • Major updates in this release:
  • at-mention notifications. Thanks @wiggin77!
  • Board calculations. Thanks @harshilsharma63!
  • Unfurl card previews in posts. Thanks @hahmadia!

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A lightweight, modern-looking, and customizable service that offers server-side and local configuration and synchronization.

What to expect from Focalboard and compatibility

The open-source project aims at offering an alternative to the well-known and widely-used organizational platforms Trello, Notion, or Asana. However, Focalboard is a dual-type of service. What does this mean? Well, it offers the desktop version, suitable for personal use (for your personal to-do lists, project arrangements, task completion categories, etc.), and there is the Focalboard server application.

It is important to mention that the client application is available for Windows OS, macOS, and Linux distributions. However, the server configuration is only possible on Linux’s Ubuntu, version 18.04. The tool has been tested with Ubuntu servers on Digital Ocean and Amazon’s EC2.

Prerequisites for the multi-platform application

With the proper setup on your system, you can easily get started with Focalboard. The server configuration is perfect for admins and team managers who want to create a compact environment where all the employees’ boards are carefully synchronized and organized.

In regards to the desktop application, the one you can install on any machine type, you can easily get started with it, as this is intuitive and similar to the modern apps’ GUI and structure (the ones you will regularly find in other programs). A mandatory requirement for initiating Focalboard is to have WebView2 Runtime installed on your system. This toolkit also acts as a rendering engine and ensures the proper execution of your web content-embedded apps.

The tool’s organizational features

When it comes to the actual organizational features, you can expect plenty of options and features for structuring your tasks and your team’s projects neatly. The tool allows creating templates, adding roadmaps, customizing your ‘Personal Goals’ and ‘Personal Tasks’ categories, filtering through a lot of entries, sorting all your items, and performing in-depth searches.


As a general conclusion, if you are looking for a complex system that allows you to organize your team’s workflow, create common roadmaps, perform server-side configuration and integration, then Focalboard might be suitable for your needs.

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