Download Ombi 4.0.1468 / 4.6.3 Pre-release

Create a smoother end-to-end experience for the users who are accessing your media servers using this simple and straightforward app

What’s new in Ombi 4.6.3 Pre-release:

  • Bug Fixes:
  • Discover: Display TV + movies on actor page in user language.
  • Permissions: Improved the security around the role “Manage Own Requests”.
  • Search: Fixed some cases where search wouldn’t work correctly.

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Ombi is a tool designed to help Emby, Plex Media Server, Sonarr and other media servers’ users to take charge and host their own user management, request and notification system. Consequentially, if you are sharing a server with family and friends, then you can allow them to request new movies and TV shows via a user-friendly interface.

Enables users who view your content to make requests more conveniently

While the application does not require installation, but rather a simple archive decompression, it is important to note that the developer recommends you do not place in Program Files or Program Data, as this automatically locks the database. The tool can be used as a standalone app, but can also be installed as a service, if this makes all the more convenient for your use.

The idea behind the application is to provide you a simpler user management system that permits you and the users who access your content to better manage the requests. While the users can make requests regarding entire series, TV show seasons or perhaps a single episode or movie, you can offer them custom notifications, for instance. A further noteworthy feature is that users can benefit from a more secure authentication using best practices.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the tool can be integrated with several popular media servers, including DogNzb, Couch Potato, Radarr, Sonarr, Emby and Plex Media server.

A tool that provides a front-end request system to popular media servers

In addition to making requests to fresh multimedia content, movies or TV shows, the program allows users to post or leave notes regarding the potential issues they encountered. Therefore, you can find out immediately if there were problems with the audio, codecs and other potential issues that you could address later on.

In the eventuality that you are sharing media content via Plex or Emby and would like to manage user access and requests simpler and faster, then perhaps you can consider giving Ombi a try.

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