5G NR test chamber allows RRM testing

An option for the R&S ATS1800C chamber enables full 3GPP conformance testing of a 5G NR mmWave device for radio resource management (RRM). The ATS1800C compact OTA test system employs a gold-plated compact antenna test range (CATR) reflector with a large 30-cm quiet zone. Adding two optional side chambers provides up to four CATR reflectors, each with a 30-cm quiet zone, for RRM testing with multiple angles of arrival.

Since all four quiet zones overlap and form a combined quiet zone of 30 cm at their intersection, the DUT is surrounded by a large quiet zone from every direction. This setup allows the DUT to be examined when exposed to signals arriving simultaneously at different angles as in a real network. Additionally, the large quiet zone results in lower measurement uncertainty.

The 3GPP specification for RRM testing defines five different pairs of angles, with relative angular differences of 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, and 150° between the base station signals. According to R&S, the ATS1800C meets this requirement with the addition of only three reflectors. The ATS1800M multireflector extension can be retrofitted to existing ATS1800C units and is removable.

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