Differential switch operates at 40 Gbps

Menlo Microsystems’ MM5600 DPDT switch offers high-speed differential switching from DC to 20 GHz or up to 40 Gbps. The part boasts a switching time of <10 µs and release time to <2 µs, as much as 1000 times faster than electromechanical (EM) relays, reducing test time and lowering cost-of-test. Insertion loss for the MM5600 is 2.5 dB.

Housed in an 8×8×1.6-mm QFN package, the MM5600’s compact design allows more parallel tests and easier top and/or bottom routing. An integrated driver, which is controlled via a serial-to-parallel interface, eliminates the need for an external gate driver. The MM5600 achieves an IP3 linearity of more than +90 dBm, minimizing distortion, and an RF input power handling capability of +33 dBm. In addition, this reliable, energy-efficient device delivers greater than 3 billion switching operations and consumes less than 0.08 mW.

The MM5600 is well-suited for differential component testing, differential signal routing, and test and measurement. It can also be configured for single-ended operation for RF and microwave applications. Its flexible configuration enables internal differential crossover capabilities, simplifying board routing.

The MM5600 DPDT differential switch is now in high-volume production.

MM5600 product page

Menlo Microsystems 

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