Download WebSite X5 Pro 2021.5.2

Especially designed for web experts, this reliable and effective application allows them to build stunning and interactive websites

What’s new in WebSite X5 Pro 2021.5.2:

  • Shipment Tracking (Pro only):
  • Customers love to be able to track the shipping status of products they have purchased online. Now you can offer the same service and make sure that your store’s customers are notified when you send them a tracking link.
  • Social Commerce (Pro only):
  • Social media are no longer just places of fun: they are becoming real showcases to promote and buy products. That’s why we introduced the possibility of integrating the WebSite X5 e-commerce with Facebook and Instagram. In just a few steps, your products will be available on the Facebook Shop as well as on the Instagram shoppable posts.

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While some prefer leaving the creation of a website to experts, others call to specialized applications that can provide them with assistance without asking for prior experience in coding or web development. WebSite X5 Pro is a very relevant example, providing a software tool set that enables anyone, regardless of their expertise in this field, to create the website of their dreams.

Available tutorials and guides 

The main window is displayed after you log in, providing you with one-click access to various resources. Not only that this application comes with ready-made templates for you to use, but it also delivers video tutorials and “how-to” guides that can help you get started and take full advantage of what WebSite X5 Pro has to offer.

Choose from hundreds of templates 

You get started by creating a new project and selecting one of the many available templates from a various categories and fields. Thoughtful enough, the developers included preview functionality, which is available even at this point. In other words, you will be able to see how the website will look like on a computer, a phone or a tablet before deciding upon the template.

Once the template is downloaded and applied, the application prompts you to go to the next step. You must fill in a form about the essentials: website title, decryption and icon, as well as the website category, the content language and so on.

There is a plethora of configuration tools related to a responsive design, the template structure and content, as well as settings and more. The site map can be easily generated and the layout of individual pages can be customized completely.

Resourceful website creation assistant 

Given the rich toolbox, the ease of use and the generous template collection in applications such as WebSite X5 Pro, it is no wonder that users try to create websites on their own. The application puts at your disposal a plethora of configuration tools and options that make the creation of a website enjoyable.

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