Download dbForge SQL Complete Standard 6.9.28

A SQL code autocompletion and formatting tool for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio that helps you in the process of creating and executing SQL scripts

What’s new in dbForge SQL Complete Standard 6.9.28:

  • Fixed an issue with opening a SQL document from a Microsoft Visual Studio project (Z67752, Z67753)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when working with SQL documents related to Visual Studio projects
  • Fixed an issue with loading the SQL Complete assembly after launching SSMS (Z67302)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when working with variables in the SQLCMD mode (Z69913)

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Especially designed for database administrators, as well as for users who need to insert SQL statements automatically into their scripts, dbForge SQL Complete Standard proves to be an effective SQL Server and Visual Studio add-in that provides them with great auto-completion and formatting of T-SQL code.

Thanks to the features that it comes with such as code completion, SQL Formatter, statement expansion, SQL snippets, code navigation, this add-in helps you to become more productive, working with SQL scripts in a more intuitive manner.

As you install it, you will notice that dbForge SQL Complete Standard will automatically recognize all of the available versions of SQL Server and Visual Studio. Simply check the option you are interested in.

During our test, we used MS SQL Server in order to make use of the add-in. After the installation process is finished, a new menu namely ‘SQL Complete’ becomes available in the main bar. By accessing the ‘SQL Formatter’ option you are able to choose the appropriate formatting mode, namely ‘File’, which will format the selected files, and ‘Directories’, which will format all the files within the specified folder.

In case you open a new query file, you will notice that the add-in is able to predict not only keywords, tables and object names, but also code fragments in order to accelerate your work. Still, you need to make sure that the called procedure or table does exist in your database.

For instance, if you want to create a new SELECT statement and use the INNER JOIN function, you need to have all the tables available, otherwise the add-in is not able to detect the triggered tables.

Optionally, you are able to view essential information about database objects while you are working at your scripts such as ID, name, description – still, this depends on the pre-defined attributes of each table.

To conclude, dbForge SQL Complete Standard is a practical and reliable solution intended for DBAs and developers who need to maintain SQL scripts effortlessly and automate basic tasks.

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