Google Cloud outage knocks bulk of internet down

Update, November 16, 2021 (02:58 PM ET): Google has issued an update to the problem of many internet sites being down. According to the company, the Google Cloud issue has been “partially resolved.” The company still does not have an ETA for a full fix yet. As such, you might still face issues visiting the affected sites.

Original article, November 16, 2021 (01:32 PM ET): If you’ve been trying to use various apps and services today and found that they either don’t work or are only slightly working, you’re not alone. The culprit is an outage with Google Cloud Services, as confirmed by Google.

So far, the biggest sites to suffer from this outage are Snapchat and Spotify. Discord, Nest, Fitbit, Paramount Plus, and many more sites and services have also reported outages, though.

As of now, there’s no ETA for a fix. But Google will have an update on the issue at around 2:30 PM ET. Hopefully, things will either be fixed or there will be an ETA for a fix by then.

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