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A small and effective software solution that can prevent your computer from going out or shutting down in a time-controlled manner

What’s new in PreventTurnOff 2.01:

  • Small improvements at higher DPI under Windows 11 and 10, for example on 4K screens
  • Small adjustments and optimizations in the Prevent-Turn-Off application
  • Update of the language files

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Most of the time, users are looking for tools that would shutdown their PCs on a scheduled time, without any additional intervention. PreventTurnOff can do that, but you can also use it to keep your computer on even when no activity is detected.

Prevent shutdown and standby

The main purpose of the utility is to block your computer from shutting down, entering standby, hibernation or hybrid sleep, while also disabling the screensaver or preventing your monitor to power off.

You can easily toggle the status of these functions with a single mouse click, meaning that you can go back to the default PC actions without any hassle.

Built-in timer

PreventTurnOff comes with an integrated timer, thus making it possible to schedule your computer to disable blocking actions at a certain date and time. Additionally, you can schedule your PC to exit the app and shutdown, enter standby or hibernation, restart or log off.

Shortcuts to Windows options

Another handy feature of PreventTurnOff is represented by the many shortcuts to various Windows options, such as Task Manager, System, Power Configuration, Desktop, Monitor settings, System Fonts, Screensaver, User Accounts, System Configuration and System Information.

Moreover, you can also alter the screensaver timeout without needing to leave the main window of PreventTurnOff.

Other shortcuts included within the app are those related to powering off the computer, such as instant or normal Shutdown, Restart, Log off, Hibernate or Standby.

To wrap it up

All in all, PreventTurnOff can help you keep your PC powered on even if the OS might try to restart it after installing an update or any other similar scenario. You can set the app to run at Windows startup, so the blocking is effective without any other action from you.

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