Now that Apple offers right to repair, what will you do?

Apple finally seems to have finally come to its senses — repairability is no longer a dirty word in the Apple-verse. But is this good news for your business?

What Apple has planned

In brief, Apple finally listened to consumers and governments and will begin giving people the right (and the tools) to repair their own devices.

The Self Service Repair scheme begins with baby steps — the company will begin selling Apple genuine spare parts for iPhone 12 and 13 devices next year, and will make components available for Apple Silicon Macs after that.

The company will extend the program — which also includes provision of service manuals and approved tools — to up to 200 components and additional nations starting in 2022.

Details about pricing aren’t yet visible, and if you own an older iPhone or Mac then nothing has changed. And Apple has said nothing concerning iPads.

What isn’t likely

The scheme will not enable you to harvest components from broken iPhones to use to repair other iPhones. Apple’s existing model does not permit Independent Repair Shops (IRPs) to replace a faulty part with one taken from another device. Instead, the company requires serial number approval of both the Apple-purchased component and the phone itself, according to iFixit.

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