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A fork for Firefox that creates an alternate security-enhanced browser solution, a cross-platform software solution that automatically brocks ads, adware, and privacy-oriented searches

What’s new in LibreWolf 94.0.2-2:

  • The Mozilla release notes for version 94.0.2
  • Fix librewolf.cfg to be up to date and blocking the latest Mozilla search tricks.

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LibreWolf is fast, has a mild impact on your system’s resources, and enables secure browse searches, as well as having embedded tools for developers and designers.

Open-source freedom, installation and cross-platform compatibility

First and foremost, we should mention that LibreWolf is an open-source application with community-supported development and features. Anyone can participate in the expansion of the project, and, as a consequence, you should expect to get access to a free product, a browser that does not track you nor allows other websites to run user experiments or ads while you browse their content.

The application is compatible with 64-bit architectures, and it is available for Linux distributions, Windows OS, and macOS.

Although LibreWolf is a Firefox fork, for running this browser, you don’t need to have Firefox installed. All that is required are the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages.

LibreWolf can be installed on your system, or it is available as a portable application.

Secure search engines, ad-blocking, and no telemetry

This browser solution has built-in search engines you can switch when conducting web searches. In the settings area, you can change the default browser. Also, when writing your input in the top, address bar, you will be prompted with the privacy-focused search engines LibreWolf’s developers recommend — DuckDuckGo (or DuckDuckGo Lite), Qwant, MetaGer, Searx, the Brave engine, or Whoogle.

Furthermore, LibreWolf comes installed with uBlock Origin, a free, sophisticated ad-blocker that enables a lot of user customizations, content blocking filter addition, and custom-code rule implementations.

Regarding your online safety, overall, LibreWolf does its best to be user-centric and transparent. This browser solution alongside uBlock Origin does not allow websites to run unnecessary content, user experiments, or tracking activities.

Summary and final considerations

To conclude LibreWolf’s review, this application is surely something you must try if you are concerned with your privacy and want a versatile browser solution.

Moreover, if you are a designer or a developer, this application offers nice extras, things such as rapid task manager access, remote debugging, browser console, and an eyedropper for quickly picking up color codes from webpages, with a simple click.

Finally, LibreWolf is stylish, runs smoothly, and has a similar layout to Firefox’s interface and implementation, which makes it easy to get started with.

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