Download Auto-Duck in Real Time 2.2.2 / 3.0 RC 3.1

A handy and reliable application aimed at live streamers and YouTubers, enabling you to duck various audio input sources to a preferred volume

Auto-Duck in Real Time is a user-friendly and effective piece of software designed to provide you with a simple method of managing the audio volume of various channels, useful particularly for live streaming sessions.

Neatly structured interface

The application features a clean and straightforward appearance, its usage being quite intuitive and accessible, even for less experienced individuals.

The main window of Auto-Duck in Real Time lets you configure all your preferences concerning the input channels and the volume threshold, after which you can start ducking by clicking on the corresponding button.

Effortlessly reduce the sound volume of a channel in real time

The tool supports ducking two channels, enabling you to choose the one you wish to work with from a drop-down menu. It can handle microphone captured audio, but also other sound emitting applications, including media players or web browsers.

Auto-Duck in Real Time lets you set the accepted threshold for each one, allowing you to define the parameters for minimum and maximum volume. In addition, you can apply a fade in and fade out effect of a user-defined length in milliseconds, so you can sound like a pro when on the air.

Once all your settings have been put in place, you can ‘Start’ ducking, being able to easily increase or decrease the volume of the targeted channel, with a simple slider move. The created configuration can be saved to a file for future use, meaning you can load it into the utility the next time you are in a similar situation, without having to waste time setting the right options.

A handy volume reducing instrument

To conclude, Auto-Duck in Real Time is a useful and reliable program that can successfully assist you in adjusting the audio volume of various input channels, be it from a microphone or a system app, being aimed mainly at live streamers and YouTube performers.

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