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An efficient and easy to handle software solution that allows you to submit your site to a large number of websites in order to obtain more traffic


GSA SEO Indexer is a tool designed with the sole purpose of making it easier for you to index your web page to the large and fairly big search engines out today. It’s a software solution that works by submitting your page to statistics and WhoIs websites from all over the world.

User-friendly interface

Since the entire indexing process is complicated on some level, the application is focused on keeping the way its used as simple as possible. To post a website all you have to do is type in its address, click one button and then go do something else while the application finishes the job.

That’s all there is to it but of course the application does come with a few things you can tweak here and there to make it more appropriate to your needs.

Quick or full indexer modes

The more successful submissions you have, the better off your website is but depending on your target or needs, GSA SEO Indexer allows you to opt between ‘Full’, ‘Quick’ and ‘Custom’ indexer modes.

In full mode the application submits to every know website, while in quick mode, only a couple of hundred are taken into consideration and at random. The third, obviously allows you to manually set the number of web sites you want to index to. Moreover, the application also comes with a feature that allows you to submit deep links since some websites accept only domain or root URLs.

When you plan to use tools like GSA SEO Indexer time is more or less of the essence and with that in mind, the application allows you to submit multiple URLs in one go and set the number of threads.

Index your website in a simple way

To wrap it up, GSA SEO Indexer is a good solution for anyone who wants to quickly and effortlessly submit their website to search engines.

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