Tachyons: Facts about these faster-than-light particles

Traveling faster than light and time-travel could be real for tachyons. If one thing science fiction excels at, it’s allowing us to marvel at the breaking of the physical laws of the universe. We watch and read in wonder as the warp engines of the starship Enterprise push it to beyond the speed of light, or as Barry or Wally  —  whoever is carrying the name of the Flash at the time  —  does the same in no more than a pair of yellow boots. 

Likewise, we enjoy tales of adventurers like the Doctor, or Doc Brown, using weird seemingly antiquated machinery to violate the laws of causality. What if there was a fundamental particle that could do all these things? Moving faster than light like the Flash, and traveling back through time without the need for a TARDIS or a Delorian or yellow boots. 

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