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Load and play subtitles when watching movies locally or on the web, adjusting the look and feel of the window for minimal intrusion

What’s new in Penguin Subtitle Player 1.6.0:

  • Features:
  • Next Click Counts for Play and Pause (#76)
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Change default speed factor step to 0.001 (#86)

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It seems that people are less and less willing to download movies, shows or series in order to watch them on the computer, with many resorting to online services that enables you to view a video without too much trouble and especially without storing it on your system.

However, when watching videos in a language other than your own, the need for subtitles is evident, all the more so when the website you are using does not support them, or it only offers them for other languages.

With Penguin Subtitle Player, you can render subtitles independently of the video software, be it a local program or a browser, enabling you to enjoy the movie and understand everything being said.

The benefits of relying on standalone utilities

A noteworthy aspect of this application is that fact that you do not need to install it on your computer for it to function. You can just download and unzip the archive, then run the executable.

An added advantage is the fact that Penguin Subtitle Player can be run from removable memory devices, such as USB sticks, with no traces left behind in the host’s registry, something which will sit well particularly with the IT advanced individuals.

Open and render SRT subtitles independently of your media player

The application supports only SRT format files. It allows you to load a file manually, by browsing through your computer and loading it into Penguin Subtitle Player, or by drag and dropping it onto its main window. A popup window will then require you to confirm the automatically detected encoding type, or select it from a drop-down menu, should it be incorrect.

It will then begin rendering the subtitle, so it is up to you to synchronize it with the video you are watching. Visual features can be adjusted, so you can easily change the color, size, style and font of the subtitle, while the background can have a varying degree of opacity or a different color.

A user-friendly tool for playing subtitles in SRT format

Lightweight as it is, Penguin Subtitle Player has minimal impact on your system resources. It enables you to watch subtitles movies even when a subtitle is not available on your favorite streaming website, and you can customize its appearance with no effort.

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