Download CashNotify 3.5.1

Monitoring the payments you receive can get a bit cumbersome, especially while running a business. Whether you sort through the receipts in your mail, check the merchant’s site, or your bank invoices, it can get tiring after a while.

PayPal and Stripe are some of the most commonly used payment systems nowadays, and while they don’t hesitate to provide you with receipts, it would be quite convenient to have an app in your tray to notify you of any transaction. CashNotify provides such functionality in a modern and intuitive interface, all the while notifying you when there’s a new payment event.

A modern, well-organized interface

Getting started with CashNotify is easy: if you use Stripe, you’ll have to provide an API Key that you can fetch from your account’s dashboard. While PayPal authentication also requires an API Name and Signature, the process still remains simple as the app guides you through the process.

You’ll be able to receive transaction notifications upon authenticating, and if you wish to look through them, clicking the app’s icon in the tray will bring up your account’s history. The interface is clean, and everything is neatly presented.

More details about your transactions

Thanks to the clean interface, navigating through the app makes for a positive experience. If you want more details about a certain transaction, clicking it will bring up information such as the fees and total revenue. Users will also appreciate the Email shortcut, which they can use to immediately email a client if there’s something going on.

There’s a graph at the top of the interface that informs you of your account’s financial standing, able to show just the payments or the net revenue.

Whether you have a Stripe or PayPal account, the integration is seamless either way. Shortcuts for each transaction on the respective sites also appear in the interface.

In conclusion

CashNotify is a simple and intuitive app that makes tracking your payments much easier: it’s a great time-saver having them all in one place. 

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