Partnership enables 5G vehicle OTA testing

Anritsu and MVG have teamed to deliver to Toyota what they believe is the world’s first 5G vehicle OTA RF test system. The setup integrates Anritsu’s MT8000A radio communication test station with MVG’s OTA test environment to enable the complete verification of automotive wireless performance in highly connected vehicles.

The 5G communication products installed in vehicles require testing and verification in an OTA environment that simulates the actual environment as closely as possible. Anritsu’s MT8000A is a 5G base station simulator for RF measurements and protocol tests. It supports high-order 4×4 MIMO and carrier aggregation (8CA) technologies for fast, large-capacity communications.

To characterize an antenna, it is necessary to measure its radiation patterns to determine how well and in which direction it radiates. OTA measurements are performed using the MT8000 radio communication tester and conducted using a near-field measurement method in an anechoic chamber to block external electromagnetic fields and simulate realistic and complex RF scenarios. MVG’s OTA test environment employs a precision positioning system comprising a controller and turntable that enables continuous on-the-fly measurements.

“To deliver a full-vehicle OTA test solution that meets the needs of current and future vehicle testing, we needed to integrate a radio communication test system supporting 5G frequencies,” said Per Iversen, MVG chief technology officer. “We believe that MVG’s OTA test environment combined with the Anritsu MT8000A is the right combination to meet the test needs of tomorrow’s connected vehicles.”


Microwave Vision Group (MVG)

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