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A MEMS microspeaker from xMEMS Labs, MontaraPro opens or closes its vent by sensor fusion input from an earbud system DSP. The true MEMS speaker and DynamicVent are implemented in a single die and offer TWS earbud and hearing-aid users the combined benefits of both closed-fit (occluded) and open-fit architectures.

With Montara Pro, the vent is intelligently opened or closed based on ambient noise levels detected by microphones or the listener’s activity from motion sensors. With the vent closed, Montara Pro creates a listening environment with the best passive isolation or for improved focus in the presence of background noise. With the vent open, Montara Pro enables improved spatial awareness and reduced occlusion effects, such as the perception of the user’s own voice as too loud or hollow. DynamicVent eliminates the need for traditional static vents that create a persistent low frequency roll-off that impacts music and media quality and also impacts consumers with low-frequency hearing loss.

Montara Pro’s microspeaker delivers a flat frequency response achieving 115-dB SPL up to 1 kHz and provides up to 18 dB of gain above 1 kHz for improved voice and instrument clarity. The large vent opening creates relief equivalent to a 1.5-mm2 hole. Unlike other non-MEMS approaches to active venting, the DynamicVent achieves an IP58 rating providing better resilience to particulate and moisture ingress.

Housed in a side-firing 5.15×1.15×10.8-mm LGA package, Montara Pro pairs with the xMEMS Aptos Class-H audio amplifier in a 1.92×1.92×0.6-mm WLCSP. Montara Pro samples and evaluation kits are available for select customers.

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