Google Chrome just got a big upgrade — here’s how it works

Google Chrome has introduced a new feature titled Journeys that can recall a user’s search rabbit hole if they ever get sidetracked. And there’s a bunch of other Chrome upgrades that will make your life easier. 

Google claims that since people are constantly being interrupted, Journeys will help users pick up their search journey where they left off. So, for example, if a search inquiry on the best cupcakes leads a person down The Great British Baking Show rabbit hole, but said person then gets a call and begins searching for something else, they can always go back into their search history and click on Journeys to see where their mind was leading them.

Screenshot of Google Chrome web browser showing new Journeys function within search history.

(Image credit: Google)

Not only that, if the above user begins typing in “Great British…” into the search bar, Chrome will suggest if they want to “Resume your research,” which will then take users to their Journeys page.

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