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Sometimes it seems like the 24-hour day is not the sort of reality that applies to all of us since the number of tasks we manage to complete varies a lot from person to person, depending on how organized they are.

FocusMe is a program designed to help you get the most of your time since it can create a distractions-free environment for you to work uninterrupted by applications and websites that might seem too tempting.

Helps you create plans to increase your productivity

As mentioned, FocusMe is a productivity tool that helps you manage your working time in an efficient manner since it can restrict access to websites and apps of your choice as well as allow breaks and whitelist items so that it is in accordance with your plans.

The software utility comes with a well-organized user interfaced structured into multiple sections, namely “Focus Plan,” “Application / Website Activity,” “Breaks,” and “Settings.”

You can create and edit your plan at any point, with the possibility of blocking all websites or only selected ones as well as creating a list of exceptions. You can even group sites based on their type so that FocusMe can affect only a part of them. Note that the same applies to applications.

Can block access to websites and apps and schedule your breaks

What’s more, there are three different approaches you can choose from in order to improve your productivity. You can block programs and sites altogether, assign a time limit to them or decide on a maximum number of launches per day, with the possibility of specifying the maximum use time per launch as well as minimum break time between launches.

As for the “Application / Website Activity” section, it enables you to take a look at how you have interacted with your computer, with the option to clear the history whenever you see fit.

Regarding breaks, you need to know that FocusMe enables you to follow a strict schedule, with a hardcore mode being designed just for that, whereas auto-breaks should allow you to pause at fixed intervals of time. That is why using the program in the long term should have visible effects.

Handy tool that enhances your workflow

All in all, FocusMe is a nifty software utility whose purpose is to make you more aware of the way you spend your time. It offers multiple solutions for limiting idleness, being able to block access to content that may distract you from your tasks.

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