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FlyVPN is a modern VPN client that offers access to over 500 servers around the globe, as well as dedicated, private IP creation, and multi-platform support.

A lightweight solution for desktop, with global and dedicated IP creation

FlyVPN is available for desktop, on Windows OS, macOS, and Linux distributions. You can also use the tool for your Android or iOS devices, and add extensive functionality to your browser with the dedicated Chrome and Firefox extensions (also, Edge, considering FlyVPN’s Chromium-based compatibility).

The desktop tool is fairly small in size and gets installed on your computer really fast. Also, it is mild on your system’s resources and offers a stable and steady Internet connection. At the same time, you are always protected, thanks to the data traffic (emerging back and forth from your machine) being encrypted. FlyVPN uses a 256-Bit AES encryption method that has symmetry traits (this algorithm uses the same key for both encryption and decryption). However, for Linux distributions, FlyVPN uses the Open VPN protocol.

Understanding the tool’s interface, features, and commands

Upon opening the desktop application for the first time, you will be prompted with a nice and modern-looking system. You have a list of locations on the left side of the screen. By clicking one of these places, you can see a list of all the available servers. There, you can choose a server option, click the ‘Connect’ command, and you are up and running.

In the ‘Settings’ panel, you can choose the type of connection protocol you want to use (Automatic, TCP, UDP, global proxy, or manual proxy), configure your route table (with full routing, VPN excluding/including, or customized route), and set up the general connectivity options (automatic connection on launch, network locking — for blocking network traffic if your connection breaks unexpectedly).

Final considerations

To summarize, this VPN provider is amazing because it allows you to have one account and make a multi-registration on multiple devices (for concurrent connections). Also, the service can enable dedicated IP creation for the US and Korea, and allows customizing your connections.

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