Download Alerts 1.28.5

Alerts is a handy Ultimate Forms component designed to provide you with the necessary tools when trying to create, manage, and send out alerts as well as various other notifications whenever changes occur in SharePoint 2010-2013.

Being able to send alerts based on the date / time column of the item, Alerts can notify you at specific points in time on a user-specified number of occasions.

Aside from that, the piece of software is capable of referring to conditions in order to send alerts strictly under certain circumstances.

As for to whom you can send alerts, your options are quite varied and include SharePoint users, individuals belonging to a User  / Group column of the item, users in a Contacts lists, and last but not least, individual email addresses. In other words, it should also be pointed out that alerts can be sent to any recipients, both internally and externally.

In order to save time, Alerts allows you to resort to email templates and share them with other users, provided that you are an administrator. What’s more, restricting access to some functionality for some users is possible just to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Attaching documents and files is possible, as is the case of sending alerts via SMS. Another feature worth mentioning is URL Zones, which consists of turning URLs in alerts into a zone of your choice.

On an ending note, Alerts is a handy software utility that proposes a new approach to alerts and notifications. Boasting full integration in SharePoint GUI, it provides you with a rich feature set.

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