Download AppManager 0.1.2

AppManager is a simple and straightforward console utility designed for users who just installed a fresh copy of Windows and would like to add some basic programs to get started.

Simply installs some basic development tools

The app opens up a console window where you can simply select the programs to be installed with a click of a button. The tool is also portable, so simply decompress, select the apps using the # key and allow them some little time to install.

According to the developer, the utility is mainly created with Windows 11 in mind. However, Windows 10 users can also employ it, but they would need to have winget installed on their system. The tool does not feature uninstall, so removing an app needs to be done manually.

Based on the programs offered for installation, the tool mainly addresses developers who perhaps are installing Windows on a virtual machine. Among the programs that can be installed via the tool, there are Chrome, Firefox, Python 2 and 3, PyCharm, Spotify, Visual Studio Code and TurboWarp. There are also some development versions of these programs, namely Web Development (Group), Python Development (Group) and Scratch Development (Group), but bear in mind that they were not thoroughly tested and hence, may not work properly.

It could use other programs as well

It would be nice if the application included a wider list of programs that are considered must-have for any computer featuring Windows 10 or 11, including here a tool for screenshots, photo editor, clipboard manager, media player or file compression and extraction, just to name a few.

So far, it is unclear whether the developer plans to include more applications to the list in the feature. Nevertheless, AppManager can be a good start for anyone who wants to get started with a fresh install of Windows

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