Download Allo 1.1.512

Allo has an overwhelming amount of options and features for users who wish to organize their designs, agendas, calendar(s), or meeting schedule(s), and even for those who wish to have in-app meetings and chats, via the video conferencing and chat embedded functions.

Multiple templates for a customized layout

Upon accessing Allo for the first time, you will be prompted with the possibility to choose between multiple purpose-orientated templates, named super specifically — Daily Standup, User Research Report, Release Note, Project Plan, Design Review, and Weekly Team Meeting.

For each template, once you select it, you start a new workflow configuration that has a detailed work structure, related to the chosen topic. There are a bunch of editing options (from text and visuals’ modifications, to note and element insertions).

A complex collaborative space for unleashing creativity

This program truly creates a fully compact working environment. It combines into one a plethora of features, such as calendar management, note-taking capabilities, video conferencing, presentation and design creation capacities, etc.

On top of these, you can contribute to any project and initiative your colleagues start, thanks to Allo’s dedicated teamwork-oriented features — you can leave comments in any part of the project and target individual paragraphs or objects, start in-chat conversations, reference colleagues in the chatbox, or send and receive files, references, and project modifications via the program’s chat window.

Final thoughts

This application, like many other Electron apps, is extremely versatile and good-looking. The GUI is modern, beautiful, and the menu is extremely feature-rich. However, a minus of these types of apps would be the large file size, and maybe, the lack of complexity in security levels (which is related to the technology’s capabilities); however, for normal teams, individuals, and freelancers, Allo is the perfect remote working environment.

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