HMD announces three new affordable Nokia devices at MWC 2022

HMD announces three new affordable Nokia devices

HMD today announces not one but a whole lot of three new Nokia devices that will continue its strong momentum on the affordable phone market. Welcome the Nokia C21, C21 Plus and C2 2nd, which are aiming to bring great value to the Android user not willing to break the bank.

Expect humble specs out of the three new phones, which are technically four. See, the Nokia C21 Plus is available in two battery configurations, one with a 4,000mAh and the other one with a 5,000mAh battery, which would certainly be applauded by those striving for the very best battery life available.

Design-wise, all three devices are built with endurance in mind, with a robust metal frame and toughened cover glass, as well as IP52 resistance that protects against dust, dirt, and water droplets.

But we mentioned humble, so here are all the specs of the Nokia C21, C21 Plus, and the C2 2nd edition.

Aside from the Nokia C21, C21 Plus, and C2 2nd edition, HMD also announces the Nokia Go Earbuds 2 +, a truly wireless pair of earbuds that deliver “clear sound and comfortable fit at ultra-high value”. Paired with environmental noise cancellation (ENC), sweat and splash resistance, these earbuds will deliver up to 24-hour total playtime. But wait, HMD’s MWC 2022 roster isn’t finished: there’s another pair or earphons available, and those are the Nokia Headphones. These new cans are available in both wired and wireless versions, and feature a super lightweight design with soft over-ear cushioning and a foldable arm for extra comfort and convenience.

Pricing and availability of the three new HMD phones as well as the headphones will vary by market, but generally, we expect HMD’s upcoming wares to be priced modestly.

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