Download ThunderSoft Reverse GIF Maker 4.2.0

There are many software utilities that can help you create GIF files. On the other hand, not as many apps can reverse this kind of files, and ThunderSoft Reverse GIF Maker is one of the few that can be used for this task.

User-friendly interface

The main window of the application is minimalist on purpose, so that both novices and experienced users can easily locate the buttons and make out its functions.

You basically need to add the GIF files you want to reverse, either via drag and drop, or by manually browsing to their location. When clicking one of them, it will automatically be played within the dedicated window and you can pause it with a single mouse click. Also, you can some other details about each GIF, like filename, frame count and size, as well as the file path.

Choose GIF sequence

In order to successfully reverse your animated GIF file, you need to select the sequence you prefer from the ones made available within the app. More specifically, you can choose between Opposite, Positive + Opposite, or Opposite + Positive, depending on your necessities.

Additionally, you can alter the playback speed as you see fit: 20%, 50%, 150%, 200%, 300% or keep the original one.

Assign default filename

A handy feature of ThunderSoft Reverse GIF Maker is that you can define the default folder for the generated files. You also get to create a template for renaming the output GIFs by appending a suffix to the original names.

Alternatively, you can save the outcome in the same directory as the source GIFs.

To wrap it up

All in all, ThunderSoft Reverse GIF Maker stands true to its name and helps you achieve exactly this task, without any other functions. No editing or conversion are supported, so a third-party app might be required is you also need to perform these tasks.

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