Xbox and PC recap: Starfield and Redfall delayed, Modern Warfare 2 gets a release date

Hello there, and welcome to the Xbox and PC May 2022 recap. We had a lot happen this month, and whether games got new details or were pushed back, you’re going to be hearing the phrase “release date” quite a bit. Even with E3 2022 cancelled, events are shaping up for a summer of gaming fun. 

Oh, and if you’re tired of hearing about acquisitions, that’s just too bad. We’ve got another one on the slate this month. In a bright spot of news, we’ve got another interesting first in how the North American gaming industry has its first union. Let’s dive in. 

Embracer Group grabs Square Enix West for cheap

(Image credit: Square Enix)

In a stunning bit of news that opened up the month, Embracer Group, the organization behind numerous publishers including — but most certainly not limited to — THQ Nordic, Gearbox Software, Saber Interactive, and Dark Horse, announced that it had agreed to acquire Square Enix Europe, grabbing the studios and IP for a mere $300 million. 

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