Microsoft Edge maintains second spot among desktop browsers

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge held its spot as the second-most popular desktop browser in May 2022.
  • Edge now has a 10.11% market share compared to Safari’s 9.16%.
  • The mobile version of Edge significantly lags behind its competition and does not appear within the top five of the category.

Microsoft Edge still sits securely in second place when it comes to desktop market share, according to the latest info from StatCounter. Edge holds a 10.11% market share, placing it above Safari, which sits at 9.16%. As expected, both browsers fall far behind Chrome, which has a share of 66.1%.

Last month was notable because Edge claimed the silver medal by passing Safari in desktop market share. Microsoft’s browser has grown its lead ever so slightly over the last month. In April, Edge had 9.65% of the market compared to Safari’s 9.57. Now, Edge is at 10.11% and Safari is down to 9.16%.

Browser Market Share May 2022

(Image credit: StatCounter)

While Edge has steadily gained users on the desktop side of things, the same can’t be said for the mobile version of Microsoft’s browser. Edge doesn’t crack the top five in mobile browser market share. In fact, it doesn’t even appear as a named browser in StatCounter’s chart.

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