Diablo Immortal best builds: Skills, gems, PvE, and PvP

Like most other loot-focused games, Diablo Immortal is all about making your character stronger by leveling them up and equipping them with the skills and gear that you’ve unlocked throughout your adventures. With the right combination of character attributes, class abilities, and gems, you’ll become an unstoppable force. This combination is what’s known as a build, and putting an effective one together is the best way to optimize your power and effectiveness in both PvE and PvP. 

There are a countless amount of builds possible in Diablo Immortal, but some are more effective than others due to how attributes, skills, and gems used in them synergize with one another (weapons and armor are more up to personal preference as long as they have a high gear score). In this guide, we’ll go over the best builds that are available for each of the game’s six classes, as well as how you need to play to capitalize on the potential of each one.

Diablo Immortal best Crusader build

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment Inc.)
  • Attributes: Strength, Fortitude, Vitality
  • Primary skill: Punish
  • Secondary skills: Draw and Quarter, Conjuration of Light, Holy Banner, Spinning Shield
  • Gems: Everlasting Torment, Fervent Fang, Berserker’s Eye, Lightning Core, Seled’s Weakening, Battleguard

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