DIY Steam Shade reduces sun glare on the Steam Deck, blueprints available now

What you need to know

  • 3D designer LupusWoraxCustom revealed their DIY foldable sun visor Steam Shade, with free blueprints uploaded to Thingiverse and Printables.
  • Designed to reduce sun glare while playing the Steam Deck outside, the 3D-printed shade uses cheap magnets and paperclips to complete the build.
  • Steam Shade fits into the official Steam Deck carry case with the console when folded.

Valve’s Steam Deck is perfect for playing PC games on the move, but it’s no secret that the unit suffers from unfortunate glare when played in direct sunlight. That’s where designer LupusWoraxCustom comes in, unveiling their plans for a 3D-printed visor titled Steam Shade earlier this week on Reddit. The shade can be folded and stored with the console in the official Steam Deck Case, making for easy transport and enjoyable gameplay in the sunshine.

Free blueprints are available now on creator community websites Thingiverse and Printables, meaning anyone with a 3D printer can build the Steam Shade at home. Extra parts needed to complete the shade include 6x3mm and 8x1mm round neodymium magnets available from Amazon, some glue, and large paper clips. Optional additions include a soft fabric to place in a thin gap separating the Steam Shade from the Steam Deck’s screen, but the creator ensures they had no scratching issues with the 3D-printed PLA plastic shade.

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