Socionext Introduces 60 GHz Radio Wave Ranging Sensor with Signal Processing Circuit

Socionext Inc. introduced the “SC1240 Series” radio wave ranging sensors that use the 60 GHz band with a built-in signal processing circuit for detecting the position and movement of a person with maximum accuracy. Sample shipments are scheduled for Q2 2022, and mass production in Q1 2023.

The SC1240 series is a radio wave ranging sensor that complies with the global broadband 60 GHz radio equipment standard. In addition to detecting the position and movements of a person, the sensor’s high-precision sensing and built-in signal processing circuits utilize a 6.8 GHz (57.1 ~ 63.9 GHz) wide band. This enables the detection of minor movements as positional information, making the device ideal for advanced applications such as tracking human movements and operation by gestures.

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