Download femto 2.0 / 2.1 RC 4

femto, which stands for Fully Equipped Minimal Text editOr is a console text editor for use with whatever project you might have going on. It’s portable and small in size, making it accessible and easy to carry around with you as long as you’re planning on using it in a Windows-based environment. The application runs in the Command line terminal, making it easy to understand and use for those familiar with this tool.

Plenty of features

This application uses by default CRLF line-ending format. It makes editing text files easier. The program itself makes use of the whole terminal window, meaning that you can adjust its size to whatever height and width you desire.

The last line of the application window will always indicate the status of your saved files. The best part is probably the fact that this application will warn the user of any unsaved information or data. This means you’ll never lose important work on account of some minor feature missing.

Extra options for the user

Other strong points include automatic indentation, extra adjustments done via JSON file, mouse scrolling that works also horizontally, and syntax highlighting. This application might seem simple on account of it working with the well-known Windows terminal, but the truth is you’ll find a more than satisfactory package for editing text with this program.

The developer also indicates a list of hotkeys for executing various commands and actions within the program, making it even easier than before to deal with the program and with your subsequent project.

femto, as the developer puts it on the app’s download page, is a text editor on steroids, offering plenty of functions and smart shortcuts for those who understand their importance and are willing to use them in a general effort to increase one’s productivity.

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