Download Lenovo Legion Toolkit 2.0.0

Lenovo Legion Toolkit is a lightweight application for Lenovo Legion laptop users, an alternative for Lenovo Vantage.

This application has some added benefits compared to the traditional Lenovo alternative, such as less memory usage (RAM and CPU), its inherent portability (it needs no installment), and no telemetry (it performs neither data collection, nor monitoring, nor background processes).

With this application, you can control different system processes. For example, you can use Lenovo Legion Toolkit in parallel with Lenovo Vantage, as this toolkit offers you the option to disable/enable Lenovo Vantage (without uninstalling it).

Also, you can disable the discrete GPU usage when it’s not needed (and force existing processes to move to integrated GPU, for extending the battery life). Additionally, you can modify the battery charging options (choose between conservation, rapid charging, and normal charging), change the laptop’s display refresh rate, configure various Power modes, or set up the USB charging settings.

However amazing this small instrument might seem for your needs, you should take a look at its compatibility record, based on your machine’s series.

Generally, Lenovo Legion Toolkit can be used for the following Lenovo Legion laptops: Legion 7 – AMD/Intel, nVidia, Legion 5 (Pro included), AMD/Intel, nVidia, Legion S7 – AMD, nVidia, Legion Y740 – Intel, nVidia, Legion Y540 – Intel, nVidia, and, last but not least, Legion Y540 – Intel, nVidia.

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