Download monika 1.8.0

The advantages of using the so-called synthetic monitoring span across the entire range of applicability, when it comes to web design, software development, or even electronic product design. The main working principle of active monitoring implies continuous monitoring, at specified intervals, and the use of simulations or scripted recordings of transactions, whose path represents actions that customers or end-users undertake on websites, apps, or in some cases, even hardware.

monika was designed specifically in order to offer users a command-line-based app for performing synthetic monitoring, through a series of customizable controls that rely on specific syntax in the CMD.

Based on node.js, this typescript that is built around the ocliff framework can be installed from the npm package manager. Users must note that at the core of the application’s functionality, lies a configuration file, which, in order to achieve connectivity and also proper operation, needs to be placed in the same directory as the corresponding executable. The developer was kind enough to provide a series of sample configuration files here, for a better understanding.

Based on the provided configuration file, monika will read and interpret all content, and using the inputted content, create and send out HTTP requests, which, if not met with proper responses, will trigger alerts.

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