R&S increases signal generator frequency

Rohde & Schwarz announced two additional maximum frequency options, 56 GHz and 67 GHz, for its SMW200A vector signal generator. The company believes that the SMW200A is the first to enable flat frequency response and 2-GHz modulation bandwidth above 44 GHz.

The generator’s optional frequency range of 100 kHz to 56 GHz covers all currently used 5G frequencies, as well as earth-to-satellite applications. The 100-kHz to 67-GHz option also supports planned higher-frequency 5G bands, the 60-GHz WiGig band, and inter-satellite links. A maximum modulation bandwidth of 2 GHz meets the requirements of even the wider subcarrier spacings defined for 5G FR2 Release 17 and wideband satellite transmissions.

The modular design of the SMW200A allows configuration flexibility ranging from a single-path vector signal generator to a multichannel MIMO receiver tester. It can be equipped with a maximum of two internal baseband modules and four fading simulating modules. The instrument also offers four hardware-based levels of phase noise performance.

The two new frequency options for the SMW200A vector signal generator are available now.

SMW200A product page

Rohde & Schwarz

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